Sunday, December 13, 2009

Back to parchment at last

For fairly obvious reasons most of my Christmas cards were not parchment, in fact I only made a few of those this year. Now I have finished, or just about finished with making them all (I have one to do this evening and that will be number 120!) I have been able to play with parchment again. I have just finished one and am well into another one. This one is for a former neighbour who has a birthday in early January, this lady is a cardmaker but has no computer so will not see this. How do people make cards without access to a computer? I digress, this card is using a favourite pattern from Parchment Craft magazine, I have made variations of it a number of times.

Now I had better get on with that Christmas card then I can finish another parchment card which was designed by the same person who designed the card above.

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